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Blizzard annonce le déploiement d'un patch correctif pour les bugs rencontrés à la 3.1.1, ainsi que quelques informations intéressantes.

Sur les forums US, Aratil indique qu'un patch mineur est sur le point d'être déployé sur les royaumes américains et européens.

In the next few days we’ll be releasing a minor bug fix patch to version 3.1.1. This sort of patch is very small in size, and we use them to fix specific issues that can’t be hot-fixed. Most patches require a lengthy testing procedure before release, but because this change is focused solely on a client tooltip, its testing process can be accelerated to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In 3.1.1, the paladin ability Exorcism cannot damage other players, but the player game client does not display this change properly. Patch 3.1.1a will fix the tooltip to display the appropriate text; it also displays an error message when a player tries to use it against other players.

While we have not done many minor bug fix patches to date, we do plan to use them as appropriate in the future to resolve smaller issues rapidly, rather than waiting for a full patch.

Différentes correctiosn ont dors et déjà été appliquées sur certains sorts, quêtes, et toujours des corrections données à Ulduar:

Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted.


    * General Vezax’s Shadow Crash ability will no longer benefit non-caster classes.
    * Mother Shahraz’s Fatal Attraction ability will once again hit only 3 people at a time.
    * Players can no longer use the Fetch Ball or Rope Leash on the Argent Gruntling.
    * Players who are exalted with the Argent Crusade will no longer be able to complete the quest “Contributin' To The Cause” in the Argent Pavillion.
    * The level requirement for the following quests has been appropriately set to level 65: Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch, Infused Mushroom Meatloaf, Mustard Dogs!, and Cheese for Glowergold.
    * The enrage timer on XT-002 Deconstructor has been increased.
    * The rating requirement for Furious Gladiator's Armwraps of Salvation has been changed to bring them in line with other items of this type.
    * The Feral Essence on the Feral Defender in the Auriaya encounter will decrease anytime one is killed as intended.
    * The Stone Nova ability cast by Rubble in the Kologarn encounter has had it’s damage decreased, will now be mitigated by armor, but can no longer be blocked, dodged, or parried.
    * The Thunderfall Totem will no longer increase the casting time of Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave when Tidal Waves is active.
    * Killing Anzu in Sethekk Halls will properly save you to the instance.

On note une information très intéressante, non annoncée jusqu'à présent : une nouvelle instance à 5 joueurs, d'une difficulté équivalente à ce que pouvait être la Terrasse des Magistères à Burning Crusade, est actuellement en travaux :

New 5-player content is in the works for upcoming patches, including what can probably be compared to Magister's Terrace. We'll provide more information when we're ready to present previews of this content.

Enfin quelques changements concernant les classes, notamment un bouleversement complet du gameplay du Paladin vindicte à venir :

Savage Defense and lag
These type of issues (and there are several abilities so affected) are not bugs per se. They are disagreements or just delays in between the client and server. It takes time for that communication to happen and sometimes things get offset. Talk to mages about Ignite munching for instance. We try to implement a certain amount of split-second timing, because it feels better when the game is responsive and perhaps more exciting when changes are instant. But there are real technological limitatons to what we can do.

It's not a bug in the sense that we can't fix it. It's Internet latency. If we think it is going to become a real liability for bears, then the kind of thing we can do is design around it. For example, Savage Defense could have 3 stacks that affected the next 3 hits. Dropping from 2 stacks to 1 stack because of latency mismatches would be superior to dropping from the shield being on to the shield being off. We need to get a better feel for how common the problem is and how SD is working in general before we started iterating on the design though. (Source)

Retribution DPS was too low in 3.1
At the time I said that it was true. We made changes after that point, such as fixing a bug with RV and increasing the damage of Divine Storm. Ret PvE dps seems pretty close to where we want it now. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the situation, but don’t assume that if you can’t touch the dps of warriors or shamans that it is automatically our fault. Sometimes it is. Sometimes there is more individual players can do.

Possible changes for Paladin mechanics

I already stated that we want to re-design the basic combat attacks so that paladins are just using their first few GCDs to unload with big hits (that then pay for their front-loaded burst with long cooldowns, which is small consolation to a dead opponent). The Exorcism change, largely made so that paladin damage wouldn’t decline once they moved from the undead-rich Naxxramas to the undead-poor Ulduar, gave them extra damage in PvP that we didn’t feel paladins needed. (Source)

[...] We aren't deleting the files and starting over. We changed paladins pretty substantially for Lich King and by most accounts, paladin players like the changes. It doesn't surprise me at all that the details are taking some tweaking to get just right. Consider that most of the balance problems we've had were for classes that received substantial changes or were brand new classes.

We like the new Seal / Judgement system and aren't likely to mess with that. What we would like to do is take say CS, DS and Exorcism, make one of them have no cooldown, and make the others something you want to do at the right time. Here are some dumb, mostly fake examples. They all have problems and aren't very original (because I spent all of 20 sec thinking of them) but are in the right vein. We have some actual ideas but aren't ready to share them yet.

1) Your Crusader Strike stacks something on a target. Divine Storm then does more damage per stack (but consumes the stacks?).
2) Your Divine Storm has a dot component. The closer you get a Crusader Strike to the final dot, the more damage it does, but its cooldown keeps you from spamming it.
3) When someone under the effect of your Retribution Aura (or whatever) is attacked, your Divine Storm lights up and you can then make them pay for the affront.
4) Your Divine Storm has a dot component with a very short duration. However Crusader Strike has no cooldown and extends the duration by one tick. Basically you have to hit CS three or four times in a row quickly to keep the whirlwind spinning.

Upcoming Destruction changes
We are trying to get some changes in for Destro to make up for any sustained dps loss due to the Conflag nerf. Our plan is to get these changes in soon(tm), which in this case means before 3.2. We are not going to make any promises of course.

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De ChaOdiz-Padre le 29/04/2009 à 14:04:59

Peut-être que je vais faire un tour cette semaine, je vous ramène des photos

/*bave*/ J'attends avec impatience de voir ton paladin en action !! :)

De Kelem le 29/04/2009 à 12:47:35

En tout cas, c'est la fronde sur les forums, beaucoup ne sont pas contents de voir des nerfs aussi rapide. Moi je pense plutôt que ce sont des équilibrages, Blizzard a toujours dit que Ulduar 10 était la suite logique de Naxxramas 10. Hors de l'avis général, pour rester en vie dans cette instance, même à 10, il fallait être blindé d'équipement 25... :rolleyes:

Peut-être que je vais faire un tour cette semaine, je vous ramène des photos :cool:

De ChaOdiz-Padre le 29/04/2009 à 12:44:33

kelem  a dit :

qui sera sans doute celle qui offrira la plus large palette de difficulté de toute l'histoire du jeu... !

Jusqu'à la prochaine :D

En tout cas... Impressionnant...

De Kelem le 29/04/2009 à 09:27:08

Le patch 3.1.1a est déployé ce matin sur les royaumes européens. En plus des informations déjà évoquées, voici une série d'ajustements de la difficulté d'Ulduar :

We're currently in the process of making further difficulty adjustments via hotfix to the following encounters:

    * Ignis the Furnace Master
    * Razorscale
    * XT-002 Deconstructor
    * The Assembly of Iron
    * Kologarn
    * Auriaya

The difficulty of these encounters is being lowered in multiple ways. Some of the adjustments are live already, others will be live soon. Note that some of the spell tooltips for the encounter will not reflect the hotfixes being deployed until the next patch. As the hotfixes are deployed, the Service Status board will be updated. You can check the current hotfix thread here: … &sid=1

Further adjustments are highly likely to some of the other encounters in Ulduar, but these were the highest priority encounters for us. We want to allow additional players to experience more of the cool Ulduar content.

On note la volonté de Blizzard de simplifier les versions normales des premiers boss de l'instance, qui sera sans doute celle qui offrira la plus large palette de difficulté de toute l'histoire du jeu... !

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