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Bienvenue sur le forum du Club ChaOdisiaque. Un maximum de news sur le jeu en général (JDR, MMORPG, Jeu vidéo, JOL, figurines etc...), des actualités concernant le WEB et le développement dans son ensemble. Des aides, astuces, outils pour vos jeux, vos créations web et un tas d'idées pour enrichir vos besoins ludiques. C'est un bon moyen de se tenir au courant des dernières sorties et surtout de trouver de l'aide à la création de site, de jeu et de site de jeu. Premier gros projet de l'association SierrElben... Faites parti de l'aventure...

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Marcelo Mayer was expected by many to be the No. 1 pick in t

Marcelo Mayer was expected by many to be the No. 1 pick in the 2021 MLB Draft, yet the 18-year-old shortstop fromEastlake High School in California somehow fell to the Red Sox with the No. 4 overall selection.While Mayer' Austin Barnes Jersey s talent is excellent, there was one question he had to answer right away:How did the lifelong Yankees fan feel about being drafted by his favorite team's archrival?Unsurprisingly, Mayer was quickly willing to switch his allegiance."I'm the biggest Red Sox fan Will Smith Jersey  of all time right now," he said in an interview with ESPN.MORE: Well, that was easy. It's not a surprise,though. After all, the slot value of Boston's No. 4 pick in the draft is , sothe Sox areset to give Mayer a hefty payday.Mayer was the consensus No. 1 prospect in the draft and only slipped after the Pirates surprisingly selected Louisville  Mark Lowe Jersey catcher Henry Davis No. 1 overall. The 18-year-old shortstop has drawn comparisons to Corey Seager offensively and Brandon Crawford defensively.Seager is one of the current shortstops who the lefty-hitting Mayeradmires the most, along with Fernando Tatis Jr.and Francisco Lindor.The modern-era shortstops are more of bat-first guys, Mayer in late May. Tatis, Seager and Lindor can swing it, but also field their positions with pride.I Yasiel Puig Jersey  100 percent want to stay at shortstop. As a hitter, Ive always had power. As Ive grown stronger, I really started to tap into that power and elevate my game.He'll get a chance to do that in a Boston system that helped turn Xander Bogaerts into an All-Star and one of MLB's  Julio Urias Jersey best shortstops. As such, Mayer is happy with where he landed despite his mini-fall."It was everything I could have asked for," Mayer said on MLB Network. "It's something I'm going to remember for the rest of my life."

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Re: Marcelo Mayer was expected by many to be the No. 1 pick in t

Thank you for this update. I really appreciate this.


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Jeune ChaOdiz
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Re: Marcelo Mayer was expected by many to be the No. 1 pick in t

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